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Our house is very casual and we want you to feel completely at ease. We understand the bravery it took to make this decision. We think it is exactly the right one for you. Because we are an all-women’s program, we urge you to take the opportunity to dress for yourself and not to impress. This is your time to focus on yourself.

What to bring

What not to bring

* We provide reading materials appropriate for your treatment and recovery.
When you are finally ready for recovery,
we are ready to help you.

Serving women battling alcohol, drug and other addictions with a program that works in an environment that is safe, healthy and distraction free.

Asking for help requires bravery and humility—
and you have taken the first step.

As you enter into AJ’s House, you will find a team of women eager to encourage, strengthen, and advocate for you.

"One last stop, with one more try,
I came to AJ’s house."

Welcome to AJ’s Amethyst House - California Drug Rehab for Women

Accredited by The Joint CommissionAJ’s Amethyst House is just for women. We provide services for Detox Withdrawal Management as well as Residential Treatment. When you make the decision to get clean and sober and have a life of recovery, our evidence based program is designed to get you there. Our program works; we help women get on the road to recovery and give them the tools to stay there. We are a residential center for addiction treatment based in Southern California. You have choices for treatment and deciding which facility to choose may be difficult. AJ’s is committed to what works and has earned accreditation from The Joint Commission Report. Out of over 15,000 treatment centers nationwide, we are one of only 1,600 to achieve this distinctive accreditation.

Everyone here understands your story; we’ve lived it or love someone who has. Working together, we begin your recovery journey and prepare you for a life of sobriety. We provide the tools you need to heal your mind and body, awaken your spirit and bring balance and joy to your life. Our women's recovery program, located in San Jacinto, California is spiritual based, 12-Steps and 12-Traditions because we know it works. When you are finally ready for recovery, we are ready to help.


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Our Evidence-Based Program

True recovery means never replacing one substance of choice for another. AJ's Amethyst House treats all substance abuse, addictions and dependencies. While symptoms and risks for alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, sex addiction or love dependency may differ, addiction of any kind is a manifestation of a brain chemistry disease.

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We accept most insurance. Please check with us if you do not see your insurance provider listed below.



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