3 Steps for Better Financial Health

financial health

By now you likely know that addiction can take a big toll — on your physical and mental wellbeing, your relationships, your career or education and your financial health.

For many, important money matters like paying bills on time or monitoring credit card use can fall by the wayside while using drugs and/or alcohol. But by committing to recovery, you can take the first step to getting sober and healing all aspects of your life, including your financial health.

And you don’t have be a financial pro to fix your money woes. A few simple steps can help get you started on the road to a solid financial future.

How to Get Your Finances on Track

  1. Get organized. Making a list of recurring bills and due dates is a simple step that can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. After this is complete, you may also want to set up an automatic bill payment schedule or add a reminder to your phone that alerts you several days in advance of due dates.
  2. Rein in credit card spending.  For many people in recovery, credit card debt is common. The first step to take back control is to make an inventory of your current balances. You may also consider calling your creditors to see if you can lower your interest rates.
  3. Make a monthly budget. This simple act can be incredibly empowering. And, there are plenty of free online or mobile planning tools to help you make a healthy financial plan and keep your spending under control.

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