About Our California Women’s Addiction Treatment Facility

At AJ’s Amethyst House, we understand your story; in fact, many of us have lived it. While addiction recovery is not an easy road, we have been there. Asking for help requires bravery and humility—and you have taken the first step. We will provide you with a toolbox of resources designed to educate you and empower you throughout each phase of addiction recovery. As you enter into AJ’s House, you will find a team of women eager to encourage, strengthen, and advocate for you.

Why Our Women’s Treatment Program Works

AJ’s Amethyst House provides a safe, distraction-free environment where women are welcomed into our residential treatment program and encouraged as part of our unique community. Our focus is on healing the whole woman: body, mind, and spirit. Through the support of our experienced team and the success of our evidence-based recovery plan, women of all ages learn the skills necessary to get clean and live a productive, happy life.

Built on the spiritual-based 12-Step, 12-Traditions framework, our approach is time-tested and effective. It’s important to remember that there is no magic cure for your addiction. You must be committed to the hard work required to pursue lifelong recovery. With our help, hundreds of clients have found a proven path to sobriety.

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Why AJ’s Amethyst House Is Different

Our program differs from others because:

  • We exist to serve women of all ages. We believe that gender-specific treatment allows us to address the deep biological, emotional, and social needs of our clients. We have a deep understanding of women’s needs in addiction treatment.
  • We teach clients about their disease. When you realize why you became addicted in the first place, you’ll be less likely to trade one substance of choice for another.
  • We have earned accreditation from the Joint Commission Report. This means we have met rigorous safety and quality of care standards.

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If you have been contemplating treatment for you or a loved one, don’t wait any longer. The women’s addiction specialists at AJ’s Amethyst House are available 24/7 to discuss the detox and residential treatment process, and your story remains confidential when you call 855.221.1717.