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AJ’s Amethyst House is a haven for women suffering from street drug addiction, prescription drug addiction, or alcoholism.

Special Needs of Women During Addiction Treatment

Women face differing biological, emotional, and social issues during drug and alcohol addiction. At AJ’s Amethyst House, we take the context of our female clients’ lives into account throughout each phase of detox, addiction treatment, and aftercare planning. Building a support system that gives you the best chance of long-term sobriety success, our women’s rehab team helps female addiction clients reclaim their roles as healthy, productive people.

AJ’s House provides a warm, caring environment where you are free to be honest with yourself and others, share your experiences, and walk through healing with the support of our team and other women who are facing down addiction.

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Impact of Addiction on Women

Common contributing factors to women’s addiction include pressure from spouses or friends, work-related stress, parenting stress, loss of a loved one, romantic problems, traumatic experiences, or low self-esteem. Women’s addiction recovery centers realize the special needs of female clients, taking into account each of these factors during residential or outpatient treatment planning:

  • Addicted women become dependent on substances more quickly—and at lower intake levels. Statistics also show that they have a greater chance of relapse.
  • Women are often caregivers and may neglect treatment because they fear leaving their obligations. As mothers, wives, daughters, and friends, women feel responsible for the emotional and physical welfare of loved ones.
  • Sexual trauma, physical trauma, and PTSD are more common among women in treatment than men.
  • Pregnant women require special treatment as they go through medical detox and addiction treatment programs.
  • Women are more likely to have anxiety disorders or co-occurring psychiatric disorders, which require special consideration during therapy and rehab.

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AJ’s Amethyst House is a warm, casual environment where women of all ages and backgrounds commit to working through addiction, calming reactive parts of the brain, and learning to find joy in reaching their full potential. Call 855.221.1717 today to speak with a member of our credentialed team or inquire about insurance coverage.