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AJ Truax & Bernie

20131023-0025-800wArlean, AJ to her family and friends, is a wife, mother, businesswoman and community leader who has been in recovery since 1986. She and her husband Bernie, have been clean and sober collectively for over fifty years. AJ knows what it takes to get clean and stay that way. She and Bernie want to help you get there too - when you are finally ready to do the work. They chose a 12-sided circle as the symbol of the house because it represents the 12 steps of recovery. Its color is inspired by the amethyst stone: a gem associated with transformation, sobriety and spirituality.





AJ’s House provides a safe, distraction-free environment that enables you to recover – mind, body and spirit. It is our unique environment and experienced team that will motivate you to do the work necessary to get clean and live a productive happy life. Our evidence-based program is designed specifically for women and is built upon the spiritual-based, 12-Step 12-Traditions framework. This approach is tested, effective and proven. However, there is no magic cure. Recovery takes work and when you are finally ready to get real and do the work, the program we have developed with the team we have put together will get you on a path to lifelong recovery.


Our evidence-based program works and differs from many others because we ensure our residents understand their disease so well that they don’t give up one drug of choice only to replace it with another. The foundation of our evidence-based program is the spiritual-based, 12-Step 12-Traditions recovery model, our residential program enables you a safe and healthy environment to get clean and provide you real- life, everyday tools to stay that way. We treat your mind, body and spirit together. This is not an easy road, but we have been there and so has our team. We know what it takes and we know you have to be ready.

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Our Evidence-based Program

True recovery means never replacing one substance of choice for another.  AJ’s Amethyst House treats all substance abuse, addictions and dependencies. While the symptoms and risks of alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, sex addiction or love dependency may differ, addiction of any kind is a manifestation of a brain chemistry disease.




Our comprehensive and holistic program is designed to treat brain chemistry disease effectively. Our Evidence-based program differs from many others because we ensure our residents understand their disease so well that they don’t give up one drug of choice only to replace it with another.



We believe your body requires as much gentle care as your mind and spirit. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions you may have and show you how to get all the nutrition you need.



We also incorporate low-impact exercise, like yoga, and recreation into our daily program to strengthen your body as well as help cleanse it of the emotional clutter that has built up over time. We’ll teach you where emotions come from in your body and how to release grief, anger, fear and stress so you can make room for love, joy and a true sense of peace.

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Our House

Our Story_HouseOur house is located in southern California.  It has been chosen carefully to ensure a safe, healthy and distraction-free environment to heal. AJ’s Amethyst House is located in San Jacinto, California at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains. We have created a home environment, where you can feel safe, supported and ready to heal. Our common areas, group meeting rooms, bedrooms and landscaped garden are designed to make you feel like you’ve arrived in a place where you belong. Most importantly, our house is a place where you never feel isolated or alone. Wherever you go, you’ll find a warm and compassionate staff member who is always ready to listen. You’ll find other women who understand your challenges and want to share their stories. You’ll find acceptance, you’ll find love and you will begin to find yourself.





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