Healing the Body at AJ’s Amethyst House

Addiction takes a serious toll on your body, and for women, the health consequences are often greater. This is partly due to a phenomenon known as “telescoping” – women begin using at lower levels than men but it takes less time for the addiction to mount and peak. The result: Women become dependent more quickly (and at lower rates of intake) and experience complications earlier on in the addiction process.

In general, years of addiction can cause weight loss or gain, sleep troubles, weakened muscles, fatigue, and nutritional deficiencies. Different drugs will cause harm to your body in different ways, for example:

  • Alcohol: stomach and heart issues, muscle cramps, damage to digestive track, weakened immune, skeletal and muscle systems, pancreatic and liver issues
  • Heroin: collapsed veins, infections, abscesses, arthritis
  • Meth: lung, liver, and heart problems, dental issues, insomnia
  • Cocaine: gastrointestinal problems, difficulty swallowing, nasal passage problems, insomnia

Physical Recovery for Women-Only

Medical detox is the first step in the physical healing process. Led by our seasoned staff, the drug and alcohol detox at AJ’s House eases female clients into physical healing. We work with you to safely alleviate withdrawal symptoms and provide the proper nutrients to rid the body of toxic substances and repair damage caused by years of active addiction.

Yet recovery from drug and alcohol addiction goes beyond removing substances from the system, so we also use a combination of 12-step based rehab and holistic addiction treatment to help clients build a solid foundation of healthy behaviors. At AJ’s House, you are taught how to properly care for your healing body during rehab and beyond.

We provide clients with farm fresh meals and teach them how to properly nourish their bodies to stay energized and avoid cravings caused by drops and spikes in blood sugar. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on exercise. A strong body, after all, is better equipped to fend off sickness, stress, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings. As part of our addiction treatment for the body, we offer a number of modalities designed to help clients enhance their physical health and lessen the risk of future health consequences. These include:

  • Medical detox and withdrawal management
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Yoga & mind-body exercise
  • Cardiovascular fitness & weight training
  • Recreational activities

Get Your Body Feeling Better Fast

Years of heavy drinking or drugging can certainly tax your body and physical health. At AJ’s House, we believe that part of the healing process from addiction involves taking the time to heal your body. And that true recovery means caring for your physical, mental, and spiritual health for years to come. To learn more, call: 855-221-1717.