Let’s face it, addiction treatment has become a billion dollar industry. You’ve seen it in your own practice, facilities promote shopping, destinations and vacation-like experiences to lure patients and their families. These offerings sometimes provide a break from the pressures of addiction, but nothing more. Addiction treatment has become, for many, about the money and nothing more; it is not about the addict. We’re different.
The foundation of our program is the spiritual-based, 12-Step 12-Traditions recovery model which has been tested over time and works. Our residential program enables the patient to have a safe, healthy and distraction-free environment to get clean and begin the lifelong path of recovery. Our program includes real- life, everyday tools to support lifelong recovery. We treat mind, body and spirit together.

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Our evidence-based program works and differs from many others because we ensure our residents understand their disease so well that they don’t give up one drug of choice only to replace it with another. We treat the mind, body and spirit together.

Arlean, AJ to her family...

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Do you have a patient or client that is ready for residential treatment services? We provide a safe and healthy environment with a proven program that works.

Arlean, AJ to her family...

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True recovery means never replacing one substance of choice for another. AJ’s Amethyst House treats all substance abuse, addictions and dependencies.

Arlean, AJ to her family...

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We want you to get to know us, our evidence-based program and our team.  We regularly host events to help us learn how to help your patients and your practice. We also are active in the community and would be happy to visit you and share our information. We want to meet you and learn more about your professional services, your patient needs and how we can help.

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To learn more or schedule a visit, please call 855-221-1717

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