Residential Treatment for Women

Substance abuse and addiction impact women and men differently. AJ’s Amethyst House forms a therapeutic alliance with women of all ages, addressing their unique needs as they detox from drugs or alcohol, explore the impact of addiction on self and relationships, and participate in supportive therapy. Women’s residential addiction treatment programs vary in length and are tailored to your addiction history and severity.

Inpatient Addiction Rehab Services for Women

AJ’s Amethyst House is a Southern California addiction treatment facility located in beautiful San Jacinto, CA. Comprehensive services include:

  • Medical detox & withdrawal management
  • Highly individualized treatment plans
  • 12-Step, 12-Traditions rehab framework
  • Holistic therapies to heal mind, body & spirit
  • Fitness & recreation programs
  • Family counseling opportunities
  • Aftercare planning & sobriety living options

Begin Your Journey to Recovery

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Benefits of Residential Treatment

Perhaps you tried unsuccessfully to detox at home or engage in outpatient drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Unfortunately, your “normal life” includes stresses, relapse triggers, caregiving responsibilities, and—in some cases—a situation of emotional or physical abuse. Residential addiction treatment allows you to leave these circumstances behind in order to focus on your recovery and reconstruct your life in an environment offering peace, fellowship, and trained counseling.

AJ’s Amethyst House is a warm, welcoming home tailored to the unique needs of women and their addiction tendencies.

Getting Admitted to AJ’s House

If the time has come for you or a loved one to seek help for drug and alcohol abuse, the warm, skilled professionals at AJ’s house can help you overcome addiction and gain a new perspective on life. Dial 855.221.1717 now, or click here to fill out a confidential online inquiry and a team member will be in touch promptly.