Healing Your Spirit at AJ’s Amethyst House

Spirituality is an important part of successful recovery, and it's often neglected while in active addiction. In fact, a sense of spiritual emptiness is common for women who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse. At AJ’s House, our 12-step, 12-tradition based treatment helps female clients awaken their spirit and find their own inner path toward peace and happiness.

The Role of Spirituality for Women in Addiction Recovery

Spirituality doesn’t have to be about religion; it’s about believing in something greater than ourselves and connecting to the world around us. It can also be about personal growth and development.

However you think about spirituality, it can be a critical part of your recovery and relapse prevention plan. Studies find that clients with more spirituality are more likely to be abstinent following treatment. Spirituality has also been linked to the following recovery benefits:

  • Fewer cravings
  • Increased optimistic and hopefulness
  • Greater sense of social support
  • Less anxiety
  • Better ability to cope with stress

Our all-female addiction program provides an atmosphere of openness and respect for others spiritual and religious beliefs. Through a combination of traditional and holistic therapies, including 12-step rehab, yoga, prayer, and meditation, we work with our clients to become more mindfully aware of their internal and external experience and to nurture their spiritual health. At AJ’s Amethyst House, you’ll learn to:

  • Connect with a Higher power
  • Rid yourself of emotional clutter
  • Find humility and self-compassion
  • Be more positive and gracious
  • Consider the greater purpose for your life

A Spiritual Awakening at AJ’s House

At AJ’s House, we understand the importance of spirituality for women in addiction recovery and guide our clients on their search for something sacred. Don’t wait. It’s time to focus on your physical, mental, and spiritual growth – and we’re here to help. Join us today: 855-221-1717.