5 Stages of Grief When a Relationship Ends 

stages of grief after relationship ends

Addiction is one of the greatest challenges a relationship will face – and, tragically, dozens of relationships completely deteriorate or dissolve due to addiction. While most experts advise to follow the rule of no major life changes during your first year of recovery, including a major life change like a divorce, there may come a point when you are ready to separate from your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

During this time, it’s important to take the time to properly acknowledge your feelings and experience the grieving process. By understanding what you are feeling and empowering yourself with healthy coping skills, you can feel less alone and avoid resorting to destructive habits like using drugs or alcohol to numb the emotional pain.

Here are some stages you can anticipate while going through a break-up:

  1. Denial: It’s normal to deny that your relationship is coming to an end. You may be thinking: It can’t be true. This isn’t happening! We’ll just work through it tomorrow.”
  2. Bargaining: This stage of grief is all about second-guessing yourself and doing anything to avoid ending it. For example, you may say to yourself that you’ll be a more attentive partner or that you can make everything that’s wrong right, but this is wishful thinking and not reality.
  3. Depression: Mourning the loss of a romantic relationship often results in a period of depression and you may experience fatigue, sleep disturbances, and feelings of self-pity.
  4. Anger: During a breakup, it’s normal to experience anger toward your partner. Even being angry at yourself, though paralyzing and self-defeating, may be part of the grieving process. 
  5. Acceptance: It may take some time to work through all of the stages of grief, but at the end you will come to terms with the end of your relationship. In the meantime, be kind to yourself and take time to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It won’t happen overnight, but you will heal, have hope, and start to feel whole again.

Don’t Battle Addiction Alone 
Many women who come to AJ’s House have romantic problems as part of their story – you are not alone. We’re here to support you on your path toward sobriety, including giving you the tools to deal with the grief and loss of relationships. To learn more, call today: 855-221-1717. 

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