Dear AJ's,

I want to start by thanking all the staff at AJ's House. If it wasn't for them giving me all the support and love and having faith in me I wouldn't have made it. So thank you all. I think AJ's Amethyst House is a great place to be when you really are trying and want to be clean and sober and want a better way of life. While staying at AJ's I have learned how to love myself for me. I have learned how to identify my triggers and how to use the tools I have been taught to help me get through everything that may come my way. I have learned so much here at AJ's that I will take with me and always remember as I go forward. I would recommend AJ's Amethyst House to my friends, family and everyone who may need the help like I did. Most of all the staff takes their time to really get to know your needs and believes in us. I can say today I am really excited to start my new life.

Thank you all.


I destroyed everything in my life, my marriage, I hurt my children. When I entered AJ’s House I was depressed, drunk and suicidal. I believe that I am a miracle and the staff at AJ’s house has helped me love myself again and have purpose.

Wendy I    

My life had become unmanageable, a stark and terrifying truth I never wanted it to become, let alone admit to myself or another person. My husband had died and soon after I lost my mother to a lifetime of addiction. I was alone to raising my 6 year old daughter. Words of encouragement and condolences did nothing to help save me from setting myself apart. My love for my daughter wasn’t enough. There was no force on this earth great enough to relieve my pain, though finding a way to numb it was easy, comfortable and all too familiar.

Four years of failure to commitments to programs and a better way of life. Four years of sitting in the dark with alcohol and heroin as my only trusted advisor. I had walked willingly into the gates of insanity with them. Four years of frequenting the halls of ER’s and ICU’s. Battered and beaten, I felt I had nowhere to go. The weight of my guilt, shame and remorse was suffocating and I didn’t mind not breathing anymore.

One last stop, with one more try, I came to AJ’s house. I found doors, arms and hearts wide open to me. For once I felt loved and understood for me in all the good and the bad.  The tremendous Care Team at AJ’s house has changed my life. I find myself now with a new intensified sense of hope, strength and renewal. Within the walls of AJ’s house, I have come to an understanding of the exact nature of my disease. I can forgive and love myself as a clean woman today. I will never mourn the loss of my love for drugs and alcohol. I wake up every morning with a new found strength, support and determination to improve my life and the lives of those I love with the tools I’ve acquired at AJ’s house.   I have forgiven myself, found relief of my resentments and pain and have gained the knowledge of how to better steer my recovery in these uncertain waters of life.

Getting clean and sober was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Since my time at AJ’s house with their life changing program and staff, I now have the love, support and skills to never go back and revisit that way of life.


Choosing AJ's Amethyst House was the best decision I have ever made. The staff is composed of truly dedicated professionals. it is a warm, loving home environment where there is a log of support. I felt safe there during my journey to recovery. I would definitely recommend AJ's.


If I had not gone to AJ's, I probably would not be alive. It has opened my to so many parts of myself previously covered, given me the strength and the desire to stay clean, and helped me begin to trust other people. The program and staff have affected me in so many ways that it would be impossible to list them, but needless to say, my three months there are some of the most important ones in my life...


When I came to Aj’s I was indifferent to treatment. I knew I could benefit from being here, though I didn’t think I needed it. I now know I needed it, I am truly grateful. The staff is all in recovery and they are amazing. I feel as if we are all one big happy family and that the staff is here to help guide us and help us grow, not to make demands. Everyone is very loving and welcoming. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.

C. Featherstone  

Aj’s Amethyst House is just not a rehab, it’s a blessing. God has performed many miracles here in such a short period of time. The staff here is more than amazing, they are very supportive and I refer to them as family. No one likes to enter rehab, but they welcome you with open arms and get you where you want to be. Staying here you will be able to break free of all the hurt and pain and be able to find the you, you’ve always wanted and were looking for. I couldn’t have done what I have accomplished at Aj’s without them, thank you for preparing me to soar and live freely again. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Love all you.


There are moments in life that have the capacity to make such an impact on your should and you will never be the same again, A.J.'s Amethyst, house, Dr. Q in particular has left the most beautiful footprint on my heart. From the moment I was greeted at LAX by Jeanette, I felt cared for. Not in a, "this is my job and I have to do this," way, but in an, "I want to make a difference kind of way. This is my third treatment center; my final treatment center. Collectively, you all have changed my perspective on life and taught me how to truly appreciate the beauty. You have shown me the beauty withing myself.


My stay at AJs has been amazing. I couldn’t have stayed sober without the amazing staff. They were always there to help me with any problem I had and I know when I leave I can call and they would drop anything to be there for me. I never met people who cared for me as much as they did – I’m truly blessed for AJs House and for helping me live life sober and free from my hurts, habits and hang ups. I love you guys. Thank you for giving me my life back.


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