Tips for Surviving the “Bad” Days

surviving bad daysSure, your worst days in sobriety are certainly better than your best days during active addiction. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you won’t experience your fare share of terrible, no good, horrible days while in recovery.

An argument with a loved one, a misstep at work, a run-in with an ex, a tough therapy session, a broken promise, etc. – bad days are inevitable and can take many forms. Here are some strategies for staying on the sober path while battling a bad day:

Remember to breathe. It’s sounds simple, and it is. Slowly inhale as you acknowledge the frustrations of the day – and then try to let them go as you slowly exhale.

Be grateful. Remind yourself that things could probably be worse and take a few minutes to acknowledge any positive parts of your day.

Write it down. When something horrible happens, jot it down and let it go. This simple act can help provide immense relief.

Stay in contact. It’s tempting to retreat into isolation when you’re having an awful day, however, studies show that contact with other people can help boost your mood. Call someone whom you can trust so he or she can help talk you down from your bad day.

Exercise. Going for a brisk walk or jog is a great way to literally work out your frustrations. Just be careful of using this time to ruminate.

Distract yourself. Watch a funny movie or TV show or delve into a good book to escape from your day.

Seek inner peace through outer order. Tackle a messy closet or overflowing junk drawer. For many, this type of tangible orderliness can be soothing amongst a chaotic day.

Caring for Your Mental Health
Women are more likely to have anxiety disorders or co-occurring psychiatric disorders, which can make it even more difficult to weather those bad days. At AJ’s House, we address these unique needs and offer our female clients the tools needed to sustain a healthy mind, body, and spirit during recovery and beyond. Learn more: 855-221-1717.

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